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The word "alphabet" came from alpha and beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet.

The first letter and last letter of the alphabet, alpha and omega, symbolizing the beginning and end.

The Greek alphabet has been created on the model of the Phoenician alphabet that the Greeks have adapted to their language. Originally, the Greek alphabet contained only capitals and vowels were missing. After centuries of evolution appeared sensitive (bicameral alphabet).
The Greek alphabet is the origin of many other alphabets.

Greek Name Capital Low-case Pronunciation
Alpha Α α [a]
Bêta B β [b]
Gamma Γ γ [g]
Delta Δ δ [d]
Epsilon E ε [e]
Dzêta Z ζ [dz]
Êta H η [E]
Thêta Θ θ [th]
Iôta I ι [i]
Kappa K κ [k]
Lambda Λ λ [l]
Mu M μ [m]
Nu N ν [n]
Xi (ksi) Ξ ξ [ks]
Omicron O ο [o]
Pi Π π [p]
Rhô Ρ ρ [r]
Sigma Σ σ ς [s]
Tau T τ [t]
Upsilon Υ υ [y]
Phi Φ φ [f]
Khi Χ χ [kh]
Psi Ψ ψ [ps]
Ôméga Ω ω [o]

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